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Surfing for the first time on Crete

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Empty line-ups, small but strong waves for beginner and surf instructor Andy - what else do need to learn how to surf?

We were a group of 4 and for 3 of them, it was the very first time surfing. Atte has already been surfing before but there is always more to learn. So while he was practicing the take off and finding back to the routines, Lotta, Maria and Iuliia started from the very beginning.

First things first: how do you catch a wave? We are big fans of learning by doing so coach Andy taught the group bodysurfing. Like this, you get a feeling for timing and balance.

Afterwards they trained at the beach and then with the board in the water. After a few rounds of gliding and push and jump, they were well prepared to try the take off. From this moment, they were just catching one wave after another! It was an amazing surfing lesson, everybody surfed a lot of waves and learned so much!

Click here to see the pictures of 19.08.2018

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