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Helping each other out, Riding Waves in Crete

surf lesson, soft boards, Crete Greece

Morning surf lesson in western Crete. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we try to avoid close contact whenever possible. This means if our guests don't necessarily need our transfer, we meet our guests directly at the surf spot. This morning though we met at Taverna Spilios in Falassarna, and drove behind each other for the spot check. The decision fell on surfing at Falassarna beach. Timothe and his brother Gabriel surfed here already yesterday, Leandros and Marina surfed with us already last year.

When it comes to surfing we help each other out. Maybe someone needs help with an explanation that they did not understand. Maybe someone spots the wave earlier and can indicate it to the other. Maybe we can avoid mistakes that we see at the other surfer. Maybe we can copy something that they do well. Most of all we cheer each other on, that's what it's all about, surfing is so much more fun with buddies!

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