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Surf lesson in Chania Region, Crete

Surfing in Crete, group picture, surf lesson, surf board

Nice glassy waves today at the chosen surf spot of the day of Kalo Surf surf school in the Chania region in Crete. We gathered all our participants on the beach and started our surf lesson with the necessary formalities and giving out the equipment.

Surf instructor Andy divided our group into two different teams in order to split up the exercises and the individual point on what to focus on. Returning guests Jenny and Chris transitioned this year for the first time to a shorter hardboard and Andy showed them how to lay on the board, how to master the pop up if your feet are not touching the board. He also went through the theory which wave is good to catch with a hard board and also at which point of the wave rolling to the shore you should start paddling and do your take-off.

The others first stayed on the inside section and trained catching waves - either by paddling or the push & jump technique. Push & jump allows you to get a higher wave count in an energy saving manner, in order to have as many repetitions as possible during one surf session. This allows you to solidify your movement patterns during the pop up. Later on, we paddled out all together to "attack the green wave", as Andy puts it and having a longer ride.

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