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Surf Lessons on the North Coast of Crete

Family posing with surfboards for a group picture

When the surf is on, it's on all day long. This means morning and afternoon courses at Kalo Surf surf school.

Let's start with the morning lesson. After yesterday's introduction to surfing, Pia & her family straight went to bed tired and happy from the experience. Today however, not rest but we keep on surfing. Shaka! Andy picked them up early in the morning. The lesson started with a nice warm up in the grassy area of Plaka beach restaurant in order to treat our sore muscles. Then we went to practice the exercise of the day: the pop up. Andy corrected a few mistake on land, so they can all master it safely in the water. All members of the family had their individual successes today. Pia and Anders managed to stand on the board and have a ride, Josefine and Dan achieved some front side turns and Alberte got comfortable to be in the element. Andy first sent her in the water without a board to play in the waves with him and with her mum. After gaining confidence she played around with the board and in the end of the lesson she really enjoyed catching waves on her own and riding them in the flying position. We are proud of you!

surfer smiling riding a wave in Kissamos

And now to the afternoon course with Kalo Surf surf school. The waves did not disappoint today in the afternoon. Surf instructor Andy chose the spot in Kissamos bay with the most shallow sand bank that is also a bit protected from the incoming weather in order to have the cleanest waves. We were happy to have to kids again in the group. We just enjoy the energy and light heartedness kids bring to the lesson. As usual Andy started the surf lesson with the basics and some exercises to get used to the element and to the surfboard. Catching the wave and finding the middle of the board for the right balance is key. This is important for maintaining speed when taking off. After that our surf instructor showed them the technique of the pop up that he likes best: slow and steady as not to lose aforementioned speed and balance :)

Our surfers had so many good waves and rides that our camera clicked away easily. We brought back a big photo album full of smiles and happy faces.

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