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Fun Day in Crete with Family surf lessons

Surf instructor shows how to carry surf boards

Birthday present for the twins! A surf course with Kalo Surf surf school in Crete! Our guests, a family of five, was super excited early in the morning to be picked up by surf instructor Andy with our surf van. We drove together to the surf spot and there was another surprise: Kalo Surf t-shirts for the birthday boys from us! Happy birthday!

The whole experience started with a bang. Everyone super excited and looking forward to conquer the waves on a surfboard.

After we geard up and a couple of snaps where taken, we settled on the beach for the theory part of the surf lesson, most importantly safety. Then Andy prepared our participants for the first exercise. When demonstrating the exercise in the water, Andy quickly realised the sand bank changed once again and we have to learn how to paddle right away. That being done, all jumped in the water to learn the famous surf glide on our bellies. So much fun. Thank you to Max, surf instructor in the making, for taking such good care of the smallest surfers and sending them back to the line up to Andy, where he helped with choice of wave and catching it.

A quick break followed and after that it was time for the pop up. Our group quickly got the hang of it and popped up on many waves and had great rides. They did more than one can expect for their very first surf experience. The most important thing in surfing is learning how to catch the wave and being able to glide down a wave, no matter in what position!

group of surfers catching a wave together

In the afternoon Mateusz & Hidaya joined the family of Franzi on their first day of surf lessons. Conditions could not be more ideal for a beginner surf lesson. A shallow sand bank to walk on, human friendly waves and the sun was out! Human friendly waves means, we can walk comfortably in the water to the point where we catch the waves without fighting against oncoming waves or the current. This makes for the adults to have a lot more energy to sustain the duration of the lesson and for smaller kids to be safe.

We started our surf lesson with the theory and safety part while sitting down in the shade. Then Andy introduced them to the famous surf glide, where you learn to catch a wave and balance on a surfboard. Only after this step is secure it makes sense to learn how to pop up on the board. Without being able to catch a wave there is no surfing. We concluded the lesson with some feedback and some tips how to continue the surf journey.

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