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Summer in Greece, Surfing Falasarna

glassy waves for surfing in Falasarna Crete

Beautiful day for surfing in July in Crete. The morning slot belonged to returning surfers Klaas and his twins as well to Sophie and her crew. They found glassy waves and an empty beach. Admittedly there could be larger breaks in between the sets but when the set came, the waves were beautiful. All participants had the opportunity to train what they already knew and receive valuable tips from surf instructor Andy to correct mistakes and finetune their movement patterns.

In the afternoon it was the third lesson of Fritzi and Luisa, the first introduction to surfing to Cobus and his kids as well as Nina. Our human friendly waves in Crete allow for lots of repetitions, so you can safely and quickly get a hang of what surfing is all about. In the very first lesson, we at Kalo Surf surf school always concentrate on board handling and finding the right position on the board through various exercises. Your weight distribution on the surfboard is crucial to maintain the speed. Too far in the front results in a nose dive, to far in the back creates drag. Once you mastered this step, the pop-up is the cherry on top of the first lesson!

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