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Girls just wanna have fun - surfing

female surfer riding a wave in Kissamos

Awesome afternoon of surf lessons in Kissamos, Crete. 4th day for Mark and his family. Today we started super punctual. After the formalities, ISA level 2 surf coach Andy went with his group down in the shade for the theory, safety rules and the warm up. Then we went to our boards, that were placed in the grass and we learned and repeated the exercises of the day. Paddling, popping up and turning. Then the ones with more experience went in the water with Max, ISA level 1 surf instructor in the making. Andy stayed behind with the first day surfers and showed them the exercises of the first day. Today it was really time to shine for all the women in the family: Janneke made already turns back and front hand, Fanny popped up on her new board with pink fins and had a couple of rides and first time surfer Renske managed to stand up and ride during her very first surf course. Girl power!

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