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Final Surf Day for our Dutch Family with Kalo Surf

Shaka, posing with surfboards in Crete, Greek flag

Difficult conditions today surfing in Crete. What can you do if the weather goes crazy, the forecast goes wrong and your sport depends on the conditions? Well, you make the best out of it. Today Yvonne, Stijn and Floor did not shy away to take a very long car ride to completed their three day cycle with Kalo Surf surf school in Crete. Thank you so much for that! Eager to learn, our Dutch family were good sports about the fact that the conditions were not as expected and Andy made sure to teach them something new: Paddling! It's very important to apply correct technique to get the best results from the effort you put into the water. This new skill will come in handy when they will surf at another surf spot where the wave does not break so close to the shore as in Greece and they need to paddle further out. 15-20 min paddling to the spot is not unusual! Further they practiced standing up on the board and riding with confidence. We are sure those basics prepared them well to conquer their next surf destination. Final shaka from us for now and keep on surfing!

Click here for the pictures of 04/05/2019

#Shaka #threedaycycle #paddling

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