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Glassy Waves in Kissamos

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Mornings like these!

For the more experienced surfers, today was the day to learn how to paddle and catch the waves from the line up. Therefore you need to find the right position in the line up, see your wave coming and paddle strong!

In the end of the surf lesson, Luliia chose her wave, paddled strong and catched it all by her self and this on her 3rd day of surfing!

Knut did very well, too! Both learned so much in such a short time and caught one wave after another.

Julia and Jessica are working here on the Crete for the summer and joined us for a surf session - is there a better way to spend a day off?

Alex and Lisa did fantastic on their first day of surfing with Andy. Great job guys!

Click here to see the pictures of our surf session from the 22/08/2018

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