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Surfing in Greece - Welcome to Crete

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Group picture after a successful surf session!

We know, it's hard to get up so early but it's always worth it to be one of the first people in the water! For Maria, Iuliia and Knut, it was the second time surfing and they already felt the sore muscles. Keep on surfing, it's getting better every day!

And all of you have been rewarded with nice and gentle waves where you were able to surf one wave after another and practice your surfing skills.

Rebecca and Max joined us for the first time and look at their smile! Surfing is a lot of work but right after you surfed your first wave - the feeling is soooo good! Only surfers can relate!

In the afternoon, it was time for a family surf session with Eluned, Olwen, Ffion, Enzo, Michael and Daniel. You had so much fun in the water, it was amazing to watch! All of you did so well and the kids learned super fast!

Click here to see the pictures of the surfing lesson from 21/08/2018

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