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Easy like a Monday Morning - Surfing in Kissamos

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Catching your first wave? The perfect way to start in a new week!

The Monday Morning Surf Session was a Men's only Surf. Knut, Dave, Prodromos and Coach Andy enjoyed the lonely beach of Kissamos. The waves were strong so we stayed in the white water to practice the board handling, push and jump and finally the take off.

Knut had his first surf session ever and look at the picture - he surfed his very first wave! Congratulations - what a feeling!

Prodromos is surfing for a longer time with us, because he lives close to Kissamos. He is improving in every surf session. Its so great to see, keep on Surfing!

Dave was also able to catch a lot of waves. He got more confident with every single one and still, there is so much more to learn - next time, we will paddle out!

Click here to see the pictures of the surf lesson from 20/08/2018

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