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Surfing and Yoga in Kissamos - Greece

surfing in falassarna greece

We started the day with an early morning session and because of the conditions, we drove to a beach in Falassarna. We couldn't believe how beautiful the water and weather was! There was just a little bit of wind and the waves were so glassy - amazing! The waves were small and super friendly to improve the surfing skills of Christine and Giannis - great job guys!

After the first session, we decided to start a second surfing lesson with the Yogis from Mavros Molos Yoga Retreat. We laughed so much and had a lot of fun in the water! It was the very first surfing class here in Greece for all of them. It was a blast and the whole beach was watching the girls having fun with the surfboards and Coach Andy.

A day full of power for the 5 Ladys! They started with a morning Yoga class, afterwards they learned how to surf with us and later this afternoon, there was a second Yoga class. Surfing and Yoga - the perfect combination for a great training and a guarantee for a lot to laugh.

Click here to see all the pictures of today!

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