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Week No 29 - Surfing in the Mediterranean Sea

Surfing lessons from 19 to 25 July 2021

The new week brings new waves and new faces together with the familiar. We started on Monday, 19 July bright and early. We were welcomed by an empty beach, beautiful waves and crystal clear waters. The first time surfers learned all about catching waves no matter what position. Without being able to catch the wave, all other steps that follow are pointless. The ones who surfed several times before practiced how to turn the surfboard. This is the next step in order to ultimately be able to ride the face of the wave.

On Tuesday, 20 July we had great waves once again to learn how to surf. Ankle to waist high waves, glassy-clean. The more advanced beginners were catching green waves further out while the first time surfers caught whitewater waves further inside.

The surf journey continues on Thursday, 22 July with a new swell coming into the bay of Kissamos. Part of today's warm up was a body surf session. This helps right away with understanding where the wave breaks and the momentum how to catch it. The goal of the first time surfers was to be able to catch waves on their own.

On Friday, 23 July we met our group for the early bird. Some had prior experience for some it was the first time handling a surfboard ever. The waves were big so there was nice powerful whitewater to surf. It is nice sometimes to be immersed in the elements feel the power of the waves, learn respect of the ocean and of course be safe with the safety rules taught by surf coach Andy!

In the afternoon we had a mixed group of first timers, beginner and intermediate surfers. The waves were big and they had a lot of power. The vibe was really good and everyone had fun. While the first timers practiced catching waves, the beginners worked on their take-off and pop-up. The intermediate surfers could paddle out in Kissamos bay to do the circe. There were nice spilling waves, a great experience to be back out!

Next stop in our surf journey, Saturday, 24 July. Another big day in the bay of Kissamos. Empty beach on the morning surf lesson, big waves further out and powerful white water lines. In the morning it is good to do a warm up to! Each individual surfer practiced the exercises and with the tips Andy gave them. It was Ziya's day today! She was able to put everything she learned in the last 3 days together and had great long rides.

In the afternoon our group once again had various previous experience. The wind dropped, this made the wave glassy further out with nice white water lines. After the initial exercises on the beach, each participant paddled back out to catch a wave for a long ride with and without Andy's assistance. The vibe in our all-women group was excellent, this is what we enjoy. Empowering and lifting up women in what it seems to be a male dominated sport.

On Sunday 25 July the conditions were very similar to the previous day. Once again big waves and the red flag of the lifeguard was flying. The red flag means swimming is forbidden, however, watersports with a designated instructor / lifeguard is allowed. Especially important in suring is safety, this is always part of our lessons! Our participants learned how to catch a wave, the prawn position, popping up on the surfboard, doing turns, paddling technique and more. Each person individually had the focus on one aspect of surfing.

On Sunday afternoon we happily reunited with Pascal and his family! Together with Angela and Luca, and Melina we had a great afternoon session in the bay of Kissamos. Powerful whitewater was ideal to practice what we already learned and to train new skills!

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