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Week No 25 - Learn how to surf in Crete

21 to 27 June 2021 - It seems that the "real" Cretan Summer has started over the weekend. Of course we had warm temperatures throughout May and June but this weekend hit us with a heatwave that ultimately will dry out the land and will ensure for warm waters to swim in. Unfortunately such a heat waves comes with no wind and no wind unfortunately means no waves. Before we surrendered to the unchangeable, we surfed the last wave of the previous swell system!

Monday's course started with the very important safety lesson. Livia and Anita completed their 5-day-cycle today and it is just a pleasure to take part of their progress. During their final lesson they showed that they are able to catch a wave completely on their own, take off and ride it. Michael and Cathrin had their very first introduction to surfing today. They learned all about board handling, and the motion using the power of the wave to glide on the surfboard. They were even able to surf a couple of waves standing up - absolute cherry on top!

Let's hope a couple of days of this heatwave will kick start the famous Meltemi, the Greek summer wind that cools down the island. Meltemi is one of the main reasons why Athenians flee the city for the cooler breeze on the Greek islands and why we have consistent waves to surf throughout the summer.


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