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Week No 24 - Surf Courses in Crete

14 May to 20 June 2021 - these are our surfing activities of the week.

We are in the middle of June and the weather is treating us nicely with warm temperatures and beautiful waves to surf. The surfing week started on Monday with medium sized waves on the beach of Falassarna. Our participants were introduced to safety rules in surfing before heading out to the water. All the while surf coach Andy looks out for our surfers, not only that they can learn and improve their surfing but also to prevent mistakes that could result in accidents. This was especially true for the beginning of the week, as there were currents that could take you further away from the group without realizing.

On Monday afternoon we were gifted with waves entering Kissamos bay and of course we could not resist! Together with Andy Nina was surfing a glassy session in Kissamos bay.

We continued our surf journey on Tuesday morning and slightly cooler weather. Because the beach break had very steep barreling waves the reef is the best option. Here our participants had the chance to learn the reef circle - a method of paddling out and taking turns while surfing that is common all over the world! - and to have long rides while giving directions to the surfboard.

Next stop surfing lesson on Saturday. The waves were back in Falassarna and we headed out with a group in the morning. Safety first! After explaining the safety rules half of our participants practiced the take off while the other half trained catching waves and gliding on them for the very first time. Unfortunately Andres had an accident towards the end of the course despite following all the safety rules. This goes to show that safety can never be underestimated during surfing. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

On Sunday the waves were surprisingly bigger than predicted, but glassy with no wind in sight. We had a fun group of youngsters that were surfing one wave after the other.


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