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Surfing Week No 46 - Northern Swells in November in Kissamos

Surfing lessons from 15-21 November 2021

On Tuesday, 16 November we had really nice waves in Kissamos, glassy, hardly any wind. The bay had the channel on the right side with the two peaks in the middle - sometimes breaking to the left, sometimes to the right. We started the lesson with the safety rules and the dry runs on the beach for the pop-up and the turn. Then we paddled out together to catch some waves. Andy assisted with positioning and choice of wave. Also with understanding if the wave is a left or right hander.

Before heading out on Wednesday, 17 November we put a lot of focus on the beach to visualizing running along the face of the wave - choosing the path, making bottom, mid-face bottom and top turns. The conditions were similar then on the previous day, glassy and sizable. Our participants had some good rides, surfing empty Kissamos bay.

On Saturday, 20 November we were joined by Carsten and his family, currently on a tour with their bicycles. They tried surfing for the first time with surf coach Andy and had a lot of fun. We chose the window in the morning to head out to sea, as later in the day strong winds were predicted. The swell was nice and big with powerful waves coming through. The beginner surfer practiced in the whitewater and went through all the exercises to manifest movement patterns. Later, Jeroen paddled out with his brother. They were blessed with two glassy wave days in Kissamos. Today it was more challenging spotting the right wave, finding and keeping the position in the water due to the side onshore wind.


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