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Surfing Week No 25 - Summer holidays and surfing in Greece

Surfing lessons from 20 - 27 June 2022

Monday, 20 June 2022 in Kissamos, Crete. Early in the morning there was no wind at the bay of Mavros Molos in Kissamos. The waves were glassy and the sun was shining. On the day before we had big waves in the bay, so today they were organised in nice sets and easy to spot. The morning group started with a warm-up and exercises in the water to learn how to catch the wave on their own. Those who surfed before with us, learned stalling & trimming and the beginnings of turning the surfboard. After the first round of water-time, the whole group practiced catching waves and popping up on the surfboard.

Around lunch time the size of the wave dropped, but nonetheless good conditions for a beginner surf lesson. The waves were around hip high with the bigger sets still bearing the power of the swell from the previous day. We practiced getting used to the equipment and the elements as well as catching waves and keeping up the speed - no matter in which position.

Great success and great vibes during the surf lesson on Tuesday afternoon, 21 June 2022 at Falassarna beach. Everyone has surfed with Kalo Surf before and was familiar with the process. There was at least 1m of a wave with a long ride and lots of power - 6 or 7 seconds period. Everyone stood up on their surfboards a couple of times. We are so proud of Martina that made her dream come true to try surfing. Stephan also benefited by having a larger board today. After catching a lot of waves and improving their surfing skills our participants finished the lesson with a big grin on their faces - this is the surf stoke!

On Friday, 24 June 2022 we met as early as possible with our group at Falasarna beach on the west coast of Crete. Falasarna is really beautiful in the morning with the sun lighting up the crystal clear water from the right angle to make it appear as if you are at the Caribbean. This morning we had beautiful swell lines coming in, ideal for surfing. Our group learned how to catch waves and balance on a surfboard, followed by their first attempts of popping up.


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