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Surfing Week No 24 - Long hot summer days and beginner friendly surf

Surfing lessons from 13 - 19 June 2022

13 June 2022 Family Surfing in Crete, Greece

17 June 2022 Surf Lesson at the Shipwreck in Crete

19 June 2022 Big Swell Coming to Crete

19 June 2022 Big Swell coming to Crete - afternoon

At Kalo Surf surf school we start in the new week on Monday 13 June 2022 with a late afternoon session in the area of Kissamos, Crete. First we met at Kissamos beach for the wave check. The swell was late to arrive in full force, so we decided to move to Falassarna beach, where the waves were pounding for the last two days. This afternoon they were smaller in size but the longer period still had power.

Today we welcomed three families with kids. They learned everything about surfing safety and handling the surfboard. We trained catching waves and riding them - no matter in what position. After plenty of exercises and getting used to the elements we tackled popping up on the surfboard for that excellent surfing feeling.

On Friday, 17 June 2022 we could continue our surfing journey of the third week of June. Today we had a special move in store. With this swell direction and height a particular surf spot just East of Kissamos worked like a charm. That day we had easy going waves, easy access and soft sand under our feet. We could completely focus on our technique without distractions. Our Kalo surfers surfed many many waves. A high wave count is key to improving your form.

On Sunday, 19 June 2022 the situation completely turned for surfing in the gulf of Kissamos, Crete. A big and powerful swell built up overnight and brought excellent waves to our surf spot on the North Coast. We settled on the left side of the bay that had nice white water lines as well as green waves further out. Our beginner surfers trained closer to the beach catching as many waves as possible. Repetition is key! Our more experienced students paddled further out with the help of the current on the left side and had great long rides with the opportunity to make turns!

In the afternoon we had similar conditions as in the morning. In the beginning of the lessons the white water lines were big and powerful. After introductions to safety the group first trained catching waves on their own and balancing on a surfboard. We went through a variety of exercises to really get the feeling of it. Finding the correct position on the surfboard, steering it with our bodies, pushing & jumping with the wave. In the second half of the lesson those who were ready added an additional step: the pop-up. This can be tricky. When we put focus on the pop-up we might neglect everything that came first: choosing a good wave, catching it and balancing it. Only the slight shift of your weight and you might fall or reduced the speed altogether. A high wave count during one session is key to progress. Well done today!

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