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Surfing Week No 20 - Big Swell for Surfing in Crete

Surfing lessons from 16 - 22 May 2022

This week we were able to conduct two great surfing lessons on the Northcoast of Crete. This Swell was rather large in size with a big period. This means that most beaches can not handle such a swell and it results in waves breaking everywhere a crazy currents running in all directions in the water. Paddling out to a break that you might have spotted on the beach and keeping your position is sheer impossible. Luckily Kalo Surf surf school can be flexible, and has a surf spot in store that can handle big swell and actually only works with big swell from a certain direction: Surf trip to Kalyves - one hour drive from our home base!

Our group on Thursday was a mix of more AND less experienced surfers. After explaining the basics and safety on the beach, surf coach Andy instructed the more experienced surfers in positioning and how to find the peak. They paddled out to catch big and powerful waves on their own. After each round they collected feedback from the coach.

The others that felt more comfortable in the shallows went through a vast number of exercises that help catching a wave on their own, riding it in the prawn position and ultimately popping up on the surfboard. The goal of your very first lesson with Kalo Surf is to understand how and where the wave breaks and how to catch it on my own with the surfboard. Standing up is absolutely secondary.

On Friday we luckily had similar conditions and we headed out with Despina and Irene. Despina is hooked on surfing and really understood the concept of stalling & trimming (walking back and forth an/or shifting your weight on the surfboard) and had great rides showcasing her new skill. She even managed a hang-five. Irene also accomplished her goal of the day. She wanted to get back in the saddle and have again this great feeling of riding a wave!


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