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Surfing Week No 16 - Holy Week and Easter, Greek Edition

Surfing lessons from 18 to 24 April 2022

It is the week leading up to the biggest festivities in Greek - Easter. The holy week has many traditions, an extended fast and usually brings families together. The peak of the festivities is the celebration of the resurrection on Saturday night, followed by a big meal on Sunday... The tradition at Kalo Surf surf school is that we go surfing whenever there are waves!

On Monday there was an interesting phenomenon where we could surf on two different coasts on the same day. We had glassy waves in the morning on the North Coast, ideal for Alex and her family and a powerful swell on the West Coast, ideal for Laura and her group.

On Tuesday the wind dropped and we could really benefit from the powerful swell of the day before, because the Reef break worked beautifully.

On Wednesday every Kalo Surf guest that is currently in Crete reunited for the last session of the week: Alex & family, Sigrid, Clemens with the addition of Frederik and his son. The beach was all ours, not even the umbrellas were set up. On the long stretch of the beach, our participants could practice in the water and train with the tips that surf coach Andy gave them.


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