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Surfing Week 23 and 24 / 2024 - June Sessions

Surfing Crete with Kalo Surf from 3 to 16 June 2024

Everything will be okay in the end! In Surfing and in Life!

June 2024 started with quite the shockwave for our planet and for surfing. Unfortunately it was a heatwave and not a heatwave for surfing. In Kissamos we had around 32 ° during the day and in the very end night time temperature did not go below 27°. In some places you could measure up to 40° surface temperature. This is quite stressful for nature, animals and us human beings.

Exceptional heat is due to the weather pushing form the African continent and a lack of the Greek typical northern winds. Accompanied by the dreaded dust from the Sahara desert that makes for hazy skies and eventually settles in a thin layer on all surfaces. What we need for the waves to happen, are strong winds offshore either from the West or the North. The wind usually brings a cooler breeze to the Greek islands all summer long.

But low and behold, the "good" weather system was on the horizon and we could start with our surf lessons Sunday, 8 June. It started out slow with tiny waves, perfect to learn how to catch waves independently and how to handle the equipment. It got progressively better and better and in the end of the week we surfed with offshore wind and small barrels.

The surf lesson program included: catching waves independently, handling equipment, popping up on the surfboard, stalling and trimming, performing turns and of course over and over: judging the waves, anticipating, selecting the wave, positioning in the water, timing of the take-off.

We are very happy that we had some great encounters again with new guests and our regular Kalo Surfer. Thank you to everyone that made this week unforgettable: Franzi and Daniel, Julia, Jutta and Mico and Raman! Thank you for your kind words!


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