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Blue Skies, Glassy Waves, Surfing at its Best

It was quite the scenery that we found when we arrived at the surf spot in Falassarna, western Crete. Blue skies, super sunny weather, very glassy waves with offshore winds. This alone makes our heart jump for joy!

We were a cosy group of three participants. First on the beach surf coach Andy went individually over the points to focus on for each surfer. Among other this was how to get into the turn correctly. Then we did a warm up. Andy also explained how the wave breaks and different parts of the wave. After that we hit the beautiful waters of Falassarna beach. Everyone was able to catch waves on their own, have a good timing on the take off, pop up on the board and finally also perform turns at least a couple of times. Sibel worked nicely on her back side turn. Stephen had a couple of nice rides turning the board back side. Vicky had many front side turning waves.

Fabian sadly was injured, but thank you for taking some photos of this beautiful day!

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