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Surfing in Crete - Beginner Surf Course

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Beginner surf lesson today in the area of Kissamos on the west coast of Crete. After we met all participants on the meeting point surf coach Andy decided that the beach break does not offer the most enjoyable surfing experience and took the surf lesson to another break instead. Here the waves entered the bay in an organised fashion with an open channel to paddle out and distance between one wave and the other. During the theory part the instructor explained the surf spot and how we circulate. He also covered safety rules, communication with signals in general and in case of an emergency. Then for the dry runs on the beach: All participants learned to position themselves correctly on the surfboard, the prawn position and how to stop surfing. Manni went through a couple of pop ups on the beach. After that everyone learned how to paddle with the most efficient paddle stroke. We also simulated how to go through the wave while paddling out and how to get into the wave while trying to catch one.

Then it was time to hit the water. For the first couple of waves we laid emphasis on learning how to catch the wave and ride it while lying down on the board. These rounds of exercises are crucial in order to get used to the surfboard, finding the right position on the board and learning how to maintain speed. After that we went back out to rehydrate and learn the next step: popping up on a surfboard. Back in the water everyone gave it their best, some even accomplished standing up and having a long ride on their very first day of surf lessons!

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