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A lot of surf stoke and warm waters in Crete

surf school Crete, learning to surf

Exclusive first day of surf lessons for Layth and his daughters. The morning started a bit peculiar because once we arrived at the surf spot the wave did not look at all as it was predicted by the surf report. Surf coach Andy was ready to postpone for another day. Luckily, we waited a little while and only around 40 min later, the wave picked up in size and got only bigger throughout the time of the lesson.

As always, surf school coach Andy, introduced the first time surfers to safety and basics in board handling. The first exercises in the water are crucial for finding the right balance on the board and understanding the forward motion of catching a wave. In the second part of the lesson we practiced popping up on the surfboard and having a ride. There was a lot of surf stoke among our participants and it was just a joy to see them progressing so fast. To be continued....

Photo album of 11 August 2020

#surflessons #surfschool #surfstoke

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