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Big Waves in and Surf Carousel in Kissamos

surfing waves in Crete

Surfing is all about getting the most out of the effort you make. Putting the energy in places we need and preserving energy as much as possible, so we can last longer.

We can all agree that surfing is a great full body workout and the tiredness after a great session does not compare to anything, while at the same time being so fulfilling.

In order to make the most out of our energy, there are many tricks to learn and follow. One of them is preserving energy while paddling out to the line up. You can check the surf spot you are at, by looking at the local surfer. They usually use the current to get out into the line up. Ask the lifeguard or local surf school before heading out. With the conditions we had in Kissamos yesterday, we have the luxury of having a surf carousel. After a ride, you can walk around the beach and paddle sidewise into the line up saving tons of energy!!!

Another trick is getting the most out of your paddling by optimising your technique, long powerful paddle strokes instead of high frequency weak paddle strokes.

Our surf lessons today consisted of participants all with prior surf experience for different surf destinations in the world. So first we brought everyone to the same page regarding safety rules and signalling. Then we concentrated on optimizing the surf skills individually, some focused on their take off, some focused on their turns and others on prolonging their rides by shifting the weight. There is so much to learn in surfing and that is the fun of it. The steps might seem small but the sky's the limit!!!

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