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Early morning spot check and surf lessons in Greece

surfer celebrating after surfing a wave, surf lesson Crete

Today our surf lesson started early in the morning with a spot check at our secret spot on the West Coast, that worked yesterday like a charm. Today the swell direction though changed slightly, so we headed to the beach break. In the morning we want to make sure to wake up every part of our body and surf coach Andy started the lesson with a yoga inspired warm up. Then Clemens and his kids were repeating with Andy the pop up and the turn on the beach before heading out into the waves. Daniel and Panagiota were introduced to safety and signalling and then practiced the prawn position on the beach. Andy demonstrated in the water how to catch the wave with his famous energy preserving push and jump technique. Then it was time for everyone to catch as many waves as possible. Many balance exercises teach our surfers how to balance on the surfboard before we move on to the pop up. The waves today came in nice sets - smaller and bigger waves. The smaller ones breaking closer to the beach and the bigger ones further out. Each surfer could chose and try which wave to surf. Choice of wave is one tricky part of surfing. It comes with experience and in the meantime there is always Andy to look out for those good sets.

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