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Catching waves and surfing in August in Greece

surfer riding waves in Crete Greece

Early morning call for our participants of Kalo Surf surf lessons today in Kissamos, Crete. The last couple of days our surfer soul was crying, as we endured hot weather with no wind. No wind means no waves. The waves get created by weather systems off the coast that blow on the surface of the water. This swirl on the surface of the ocean organises itself into swell. The longer the distance of the weather system from the coast, the more organised the swell and the nicer the waves. Finally, finally, the long awaited swell hit the west coast of Crete. And we were the first to surf those waves.

Great progress among those participants that surfed for the second time with us! First time surfers Fanny, Clemens, Andreas and Nefeli were introduced the equipment and the motion of catching and riding the wave - no matter in what position. Safety first: all participants receive a safety introduction and constant repetition while two certified surf instructors with valid lifeguard certificate were on duty to keep everyone safe!

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