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Just a regular Monday - learning how to Surf in Crete

surfers mid action on waves in Crete

Just a regular Monday in Crete! Forget about the office or school - come surfing with us! Today we split our participants into two groups: the more experienced went with surf instructor Alex and the first time surfers went with surf coach Andy. After we have welcomed our guests and done the formalities as quickly as possible (we want to surf and not spend time doing paperwork!) we headed to a beach outside of Kissamos for the surf lesson. This particular beach worked like a charm. Perfect sandbank, nice waves rolling in. No one to disturb us, our participants could fully concentrate on their newly acquired sport!

The more experienced surfers concentrated as always on choice of wave, optimising the take off and making the turns. They caught many waves alone and with the help of Alex. Queen of the turns was Ella today! Great job!

Our first time surfers were introduced to safety while surfing, the most important basics about their equipment and immediately the first exercises. The first exercises are helpful to learn board handling, the motion of catching the wave and finding the right balance on the board. If your weight is too much in the front, the board will nosedive. If your weight is too much in the back the board will drag and not maintain speed. Only after you mastered the first exercises it is time to learn how to stand up on the board. Because as Andy always says: Everybody can stand up! The key to surfing is catching the wave and finding the right balance on the moving surfboard!

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