Happy August - Surfing in Crete

Sunday morning 1 August in Crete. Kalo mina! Happy month, as we say in Crete. If this surf day is an indicator for the rest of the month it is going to be great. This morning we had our beginner surfing lesson with glassy waves on the beach of Falasarna. All our participants had prior surf experience. So the goal of the day was to fix mistakes, work on their movement patterns and have as many repetitions as possible, so that surfing becomes second nature. Everyone tried catching waves with the push & jump technique and also while paddling. Thomas, on the second day with us, really got the hang of it today - as you can see in the picture. Great job!

In the afternoon we headed one more time to Falasarna, this time with the sun in our backs while surfing! Five first time surfers met with more experienced surfer Larissa. Andy made sure to bring everyone on the same page when it comes to safety while surfing and the most important basics. Then in the water we went through several exercises to find the right balance on the board and to understand the motion of catching the wave. When this is done, we can move to the next step: popping up on the surfboard.

Photo album of 1 August 2020 morning

Photo album of 1 August 2020 afternoon

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Surfschool Crete Greece
Surfschool Crete Greece

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