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You can't stop the magic from happening

surfer family, surfboards, waves in Crete

surfer girls posing with surfboards for a group photo

Just as morning lesson today, surf coach Andy also moved the afternoon lesson to a surf spot close to Chania, deemed the best surf spot of the day. This is our experienced group and as Andy put it: they deserve this awesome wave! Fifth and final surf lesson in Crete for Sophie, Mex and Evelien, final surf lesson for Klaas and his kids (this is their 3rd year with us!!!). At this stage of their surfing experience it is all about fine tuning & practice practice practice to move on the the next level. This group accomplished so much in these days! Catching waves, popping up and performing their first turns. And talk about confidence in the water!

One final click happened today: choice of wave!!! This can't be taught and only comes with experience. Today all our participants made a huge progression in choice of wave and were able to choose the wave and catch many many waves on their own. The surf lesson was extra long today and Andy reported back in the evening: "I just could not stop the magic from happening!"

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