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Turns turns turns - and first time surfing in Crete

surfer girl, shaka, waves in Crete, Greece

Cosy morning surf lesson with Pascal, Jef, Milla and Ruby. This morning quick thinking was important, and we moved the surf lesson to a different bay that has a different sandbank and a slightly different direction for the swell to enter. We started right away with distributing the equipment and going over the basics. The ones who surfed the first time with us today learned what is being neglected at many surf schools: How to finish your ride! You go back down to your board and slide off using your body to drag. This is a safe way to finish your ride and also a faster way to go back on your board and paddle back out. In many surf spots around the world it is important to quickly get out of the way, so you don't hinder the ride of the next surfer. If you fall, please fall flat. Because jumping off could lead to serious injury if you land crookedly with your feet on the bottom of the ocean - even worse is head first!!! Pascal finished on a high note today with his very last wave performing a front hand turn. Great job! We will be delighted to welcome you all back next year!

In the afternoon it was time for turns turns turns for our experienced surfers. We went through the motions on the beach and then tried as many times as possible in the water! The first time surfers Lukas and Natalie learned everything that is important for the first day. Safety & board handling (Gewöhnung ans Gerät). The pop up is only the cherry on top on your very the first day!

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