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Summer surfing 2020 in Greece

surfing Greece surf course Falassarna

Afternoon surf course on the west coast of Crete during the Pandemic. We are glad that visitors can come to the island given the special circumstances. And furthermore we are glad that they come to surf we us! Today the waves were of a good size for a surf course and glassy, just beautiful. After the wave check, the group geared up and went straight into the matter. Some safety, board parts and positioning on the board. Then surf instructor Andy went through the pop up drills on the beach and gave tips for improvement. Dani on his second ever surf course, succeeded to catch the waves both with the push and jump technique as well as by paddling. He popped up on the board many times - repetition is key when it comes to surfing! Gabriel and Timothe focused on the timing of the take off and started doing their first turns. Robin and Paul focused on catching the wave and the take off. It was a fun day with fun waves, and I can not stress enough how much Andy and I enjoy seeing our surfers having a good time!

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