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Ideal Conditions for Surfing in Kissamos, Crete

great surf conditions in Crete

Surf lessons of the week 13 July to 19 July

This week started out with awesome conditions to learn how to surf in Kissamos, Crete. Our favourite bay - also dubbed the wave magnet by surf instructor Andy - was working perfectly and the waves slowly increased in size as the week progressed and luckily exactly also how our group progressed. On Monday our surfers learned how to paddle and how to catch a wave while paddling. On Tuesday our beginner surfer learned how to catch a wave with push and jump and all the basics around board handling. Our more experienced group learned how to paddle into the line up by circulating. Knowing where to enter and how to approach the peak is crucial in conserving energy, thus being able to sustain longer, have more fun and especially be safe (!) during your session. On Wednesday when the wave was smoother the whole group had the chance to learn how to paddle into a wave and take off.

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