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Surf Courses started at Kalo Surf 2020 - and Surfing is for All!!

Surf lessons of the week 06 July to 12 July.

Summer is in full swing, empty line ups and fun waves. It is hot and the water is warm. Here in Crete there is not much COVID-19 scare going on, however we recommend you keep 1,5m distance or wear a mask. In our van, please wear a mask. In the restaurants, on the streets, the beach and in the water: no mask required. With the arrival of the first summer guests, we can finally dust off our surfing equipment and surf instructor Andy is eager to welcome the surfers.

The week started off strong, with the beautiful setting in Falassarna. Clear waters, manageable waves, and lots of stoke from new and returning surfers.

On Tuesday finally, Andy welcomed his long term friend Vivi. The two met when Andy participated in an adapted needs ski sports seminar some 15 years ago and kept in touch. Vivi is a force to be reckoned with. A climber, dancer, baller, olympic skier - just to mention a few - and now surfer. Surfing is for all, no matter what shape or size. Vivi had in total 3 surf sessions with us, on the third she was joined by Stella, Nina and Felix a the surf spot in Mithimna and we all shared the unique experience that is surfing.

On Saturday we had some new additions to the Kalo Surf family: Tanja and her crew. For the first time we could finally surf in our home bay of Kissamos with a full group and we were rejoicing. Some normalcy for us after a long period of lockdown and lots of fun for our guests!

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