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Glassy point break surfing in Greece

point break in Kissamos, surfer taking off

Surf instructor Andy can barely withhold his enthusiasm after such a nice surf lesson in Kissamos, Crete. Sunny, epic, nice, clean, glassy, little wind to none - those were his descriptions of the surf today. The point break worked like a charm today, bigger sets were followed by smaller sets and gaps in between sets.

We unloaded the surfboards from the surf van, changed into the wetsuits and headed to the beach. After a warm up, the participants did their individual drills on the beach: small corrections on the pop up, the turn, stalling & trimming, paddling. A quick safety recap is always important, we always stress to protect your head after a nosedive and to fall correctly if you fall while riding. Then the group paddled out together and with the surf instructors help we we found the sweet spot, the peak! Because Kissamos bay had a point break today the wave would always break on the same place, this makes positioning quite easy. Our participants were just as excited. A lot of cheers and smiles followed the cool rides they had. Karine and Thiboult learned how to turn the surfboard here in Crete. Johannes and Lee also made turns and were riding right hander waves. Vladimir paddled out for the first time - a whole new experience. Thank you all for sharing this memorable surf session with Kalo Surf!

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