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Paddling out to catch waves in Kissamos

surfing Crete, surfboard

Morning surf lesson in Kissamos in October. The sun is back out after two overcast days. After we prepared our participants with the last couple of surf lessons, training the pop up and the turn, it was time for us to move on to paddling out to the line up. After a warm-up and safety explanations, we went through the pop-up on the beach as well as the paddling technique and then paddled out with Andy in the lead to the line-up. Out there choice of waves is crucial, as it is not always easy to anticipate where the wave will break and how long before we should start paddling. This comes with time and a lot of experience. That is why it is always good to have a guide with you, especially when surfing on a new spot, to get the best out of your surf session. After catching a couple of waves further outside, some of the participants preferred to stay on the inside section to get a higher wave count and more practice. Click here for the album of 13 October 2019 morning.

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