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Happy October Surfing in Greece

surf lesson Crete, green wave, Falassarna

It's the first day of October, happy new month - Kalo Mina - as we say in Greece. October 2019 in Crete starts with a bright and sunny day and nice waves, perfect for our surf course participants to achieve their individual goals in surfing.

Today we drove together to the surf spot in Falassarna. After surf coach Andy handed out the equipment from our mobile surf school we started the surf lesson with a warm up. Then we went through the dry runs on the beach of the most important aspects: finding the position on the board, paddling technique, the pop up (!) and stalling & trimming. Afterwards the surf instructor went in the water to demonstrate and give our participants two options of catching the wave: push & jump in hip high water or paddling. Then all paddled out and got some more tips on how to sit on the board and turn around. The waves were glassy and knee, waist and sometimes shoulder high. After lots of practice catching waves and surfing, we took a break. Again on the beach for some additional drills, Eva and Samir learned the motion of the turn. Back in the water it immediately clicked for Samir and he turned the board both front hand and back hand! All participants stood up on the board and felt the stoke that is surfing. We are happy to share the joy of surfing with you all.

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