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Lots of Fun at the Surf Lesson in Falassarna

Surfing, Falassarna, Crete, Surf lesson

So much fun and laughter on the first day of surfing for our two participants. A couple of last minute cancellations made the surf lesson practically a private course for Lisa and Henrike. Less participants always means the group goes faster through formalities and through the explanations of exercises on so on. The only downturn of less participants - if there is any - might be that you can't compare your progress to others and there's less people to connect with. But we had lots of fun nonetheless and Lisa & Henrike did great.

Early in the morning we love to do a warm up to prepare our bodies for the upcoming sports activity. Andy started with our participants with the ABCs of surfing. How to carry the board, so the wind goes through, how to overcome waves, how to turn around so the wave does not hit the board towards your body, how to catch the wave with the push & jump technique, how to ride in the prawn position, and how to brake. After safety theory and the dry runs on the beach, it was time to take action in the water. Conditions were ideal for beginner surfers: white water and small to medium sized waves. After the break surf coach Andy taught the pop up on the beach and demonstrated one round including the safe fall. Equipped with knowledge and lots of exercises in preparation for what comes next, Lisa and Henrike were able to pop up on the wobbly surfboard and have a ride. Great job! The smiles on your pictures say it all.

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