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Morning and Afternoon Surf Lessons in Chania Region

waves in Kissamos, Crete, Surfing, Surf lesson

Our bay in Kissamos changed overnight from flat like a pancake to head high surf with great white water walls to practice the take off. Our lesson started with the safety theory behind the surf van, so we are protected from the wind while taking to one another. Then we headed to the beach for the warm up and for the individual drills of each participant, pop up, paddling, turns and so on. In the water we had good conditions for training catching white water waves, while intermediate surfer Andi paddled out to work on his turns. In the second half on the course Sandra and Bartosz joined Andi in the line up to catch waves further out and have a longer ride with Bartosz making his first turns here in Crete. In the afternoon, when Kissamos was ultimately oversized, we took the afternoon surf lesson to a bay east of Chania that can handle a bigger swell. There Andi and Sandra had their second surf lesson of the day and fifth of their vacation this year with us. They had some great rides and it was the perfect ending for their vacation 2019 in Crete with Kalo Surf. Thank you for surfing with us and we look forward to the next surf adventure! Click here for the pictures of 21 September 2019 morning Click here for the pictures of 21 September 2019 afternoon

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