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Surfing in Crete in September

surfing in Crete, surfboard, Kissamos

August is over and September has started. While it feels like summer is here to stay in Crete, there are slight weather changes that make us understand that another season is about to come. The sun sets earlier, the nights are cooler and it seems summer winds Meltemia have stopped or made a break. Those typical Greek summer winds create waves in the north coast of Crete. But not only Meltemia are creating waves. Now we are waiting for typical autumn weather phenomena that allow us to surf either in the west or north. Until the weather change has happened we are stuck with a couple of days of sketchy surf conditions. But we make the best out of it and surf whenever we can! This morning we found small to medium height waves in our bay in Kissamos, perfect to make your first surf experience or to continue learning in a relaxed environment. Don't forget, big waves mean strong currents and the struggle is real. As always we started with theory and safety instructions. In the water we first learned how to catch waves by pushing & jumping. Catching waves is the most important part in surfing. No matter how cool your surfboard, or what kind of maneuvers you could theoretically make, if you don't catch the wave, you can't surf! After a good amount of practice time we moved on to teach the pop up and tried riding waves while standing. We had good fun on this surfing day in Kissamos and look forward to the next course with you all!

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