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Afternoon Surf Lesson in Crete

Surfing Crete, surf lesson

We continued our surf journey today in the afternoon in Kissamos. As we said already in the blog post from the morning lesson, we could feel today the slow change of the season. It was a bit cloudy in the afternoon, but this does bother us with warm outside and water temperatures! The waves gradually grew in size and we surfed great white water, ideal for the beginner lesson.

Surfer girl Kim could not get enough of surfing today. She only had her second surf lesson ever this morning, and had enough power to continue with the third in the afternoon! We are stunned by the quick progress and her understanding of overcoming the wave and on what part to take the wave: not behind the wave, not in the impact zone. Our first time surfers today were excited to gear up for the first time with wetsuit, lycra, board and leash. Then surf instructor Andy introduced them to the most important basics in theory and also the important safety rules. We don't want to get hit by our surfboard! On land we first trained how to catch a wave, ride and finish the ride. All while laying on the board in the prawn position. Then we went and trained catching waves. It's very important to push your board and body with the same motion and same direction of the wave. It's takes some getting used to and some training. It is not so easy as it might look like. In the second half of the lesson we learned how to pop up on the board correctly: back foot - front foot. And of course we tried in the water until we ran out of energy. Great first surfing day in Kissamos, Crete.... To be continued....

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