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First Surf Experience in Crete

surfer catching wave in the bay of Kissamos

What a great idea to have a first surf experience during your vacation in Crete. Here in Kissamos we still have the luxury of having an empty surf spot. The waves are consistent and just the right size to start your surf journey in an easy going way. Surf instructor Andy picked up Cristina and Valeria from their accommodation and then met Sousan and her family directly on the beach. After everyone received their equipment, we went to the beach and settled in the sand for the theory circle. Safety, communication and parts of the board is on the menu of the first day course. Then we practice board handling on the beach: laying down, trimming, prawn position. We also simulated how to walk towards the breaking wave and turning around with our backs to the wave. Never get the board between yourself and the wave, as the board will knock you over! Then it is time to practice the prawn position in the water and learning how to catch the wave with a push and jumping on the board. Before we moved on to the second part of the lesson, Andy and Pavlos made a warm up with our participants to prevent injury such as a strained muscle. After the dry runs of the pop up on the beach, we took it to the water. Everyone had fun and was laughing a lot while trying to pop up on the board. The goal of the first day is to learn how to catch the wave and where your weight should be distributed on the surfboard. If you did not stand up fully on the board this time, you will next time! Surfing is a sport of patience and the progress is naturally slow.

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