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Perfect glassy waves and intermediate surfing in Crete!

surfing a green wave in Crete

We couldn't have wished for more perfect conditions like today! Perfect glassy 1,5 meter waves - this is what we dream of! So we paddled out today with the whole group and caught those glassy green waves of Kissamos.

Katerina and Klaudie completed their 5 day journey with us and for Annouk, Maggi, Bob and Pascal it has been the 3rd season with us in Crete. Surfing with such an experienced group is nice because you just have to do a quick warm up, in this case it was running along the beach, and some pop up training to make sure your body remembers every step. And then it was time to go surfing and catching those incredible waves! Today was especially memorable for Katerina as with Andy's explanations she was able to make a turn on a green wave and ride along. We are super happy with you!

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