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Improve your surfing skills with us in Crete!

surf lesson, surfer on a green wave

Today's group was a mix of experienced and new surfers. We started all together with a warm up at the beach of Kissamos and the safety instructions. They never get old and it's always good to freshen them up.

Then it was time to get on the board, but on the beach for now. Andy repeated the correct positioning on the board and how to carry and handle the surfboard while the more experienced surfers of the group could train the pop ups at the beach for themselves. After a few rounds they were ready to get into the water.

Katherina and Klaudie paddled to the line up and worked on their pop up and turns in the green (unbroken) waves. Boris, Josephine, Lars and Pauline started in the white water with the push and jump and later on also ventured further out for a longer ride!

To improve the surfing skills of the whole group, Andy gave many tips regarding the timing, how and where to catch the wave. About where to look while surfing and making turns and the most important lesson of the day: keep on paddling! Paddle hard after the wave touches your tail. If you think you caught the wave, paddle at least 3 more times.

And a little shout out to Lars and Pauline, welcome back to Crete! We are super happy to go surfing with you again!

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