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Morning Surf Sessions in Crete

surf lesson, dry run of pop up

All you need is luck...and Julia, so you can reserve super last minute your spot in the surf lesson for the next day. The stars aligned and we could move things around, so Paolo & Luca could join the girls on a fantastic morning session at the beach of Kissamos.

Our Surf Instructor in the Making, Lena, did the warm up and prepared Paolo, Luca, Andrea Camilla, Anna, Caterina and Viola for their second surf lesson with Kalo Surf. A warm up is one of the most important parts of any surf session. No matter if you are having a surf lesson or go surfing with your friends, never skip the warm up because it helps to prevent your body for injuries. And you don't want to pause on an amazing session because of a cramp...

After the warm up, it was time to practice the pop up on the board on the beach. Some dry runs helps to find the rhythm and makes it much easier in the water later on. Lena and Andy showed our participants how it gets done and after a few rounds on the beach, it was time to practice in the water: catch the wave - pop up, surf, get down on the board and stop.

It sounds so easy but it takes time to figure every step out and to handle the board. But everyone did a great job! Actually, you guys did such a great job that Andy decided to teach how to make turns and all of you tried and caught a lot of waves. Some were able to do a turn, some will be able at the next session. We can't wait to teach you more about surfing in Crete on your next vacation!

And Lena, thank you so much! Thank you for your great help and we hope you enjoyed the time with us as much as we did with you.

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