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Tales about white water and green waves

smiling while riding a wave in Crete

Welcome Katerina & family! First day of your surf journey with us. First we welcomed our participants early in the morning by our surf van. Then everyone gets their equipment, surfboard, leash and wetsuit. Then we immediately went to the exercises on land: pop-up, falling and breaking, paddling and overcoming the wave, paddling to catch the wave. Before we went in the water of course we covered safety! Protecting the head and signalling. For the first part of the lesson our participants stayed in the white water to catch the broken wave. We trained pushing & jumping. Then we had a small break and some theory on the beach: different parts of the wave and different types of waves and how to overcome them while paddling out. Then we paddled out with Andy to catch green waves and have a longer ride. Klaudie and Giannis even made a turn! Great session today, we look forward to the next!

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