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Extraordinary Morning Surf Course in Crete

white water surf course walking in the surf surfboards

It was an exceptional morning at Kalo Surf surf school in Crete. The surf picked up overnight in our bay in Kissamos, just as forecasted by local surf guru, Andy ;)

Beautiful white water lines are perfect for learning how to catch a wave and many other maneuvers that follow after the first step. Today there was also the red flag on the beaches of the north, which means swimming is strictly forbidden. This excludes watersports, especially watersports under professional guidance. Our surf instructors hold a lifeguard licence and are trained in rescues using a rescue board.

We started our day with a warm up, followed by theory, safety and communication signals in the water! Then we went in the water to train catching the wave and gliding flat on our bellies. Our participants had previous experience and / or were catching on the motions super quick, so we moved on the the pop up immediately. This also worked like a charm. Yannis quickly moved on to learn the turn. All the other guys had many rides and also tried a to make some turns. Fabi - as a swimmer - paddled really nice into the waves. All in all it was a pleasure for us to have such a great group. Fabulous group spirit and definitely a morning to remember!

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