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We take safety seriously at Kalo Surf surf school

waves breaking, surfer catching waves

Big waves mean strong currents. Without constantly checking your surroundings, you don't realise how quickly the water moves you. Constantly checking your surroundings comes with experience. You draw a vertical and horizontal line from your position to the land. You fixate rocks, umbrellas, trees in the position you want to be at and try to stay there. Turning around to look at the land and correcting your position should be a constant while surfing and being in the water in general!

We know that while taking a surf class your concentration is on so many different things. That's why surf instructor Andy looks out for you and indicates with hand signals if you need to change your position. We also know after hundreds and hundreds of surf lessons taught in Andy's 10+ years of being a surf instructor, that the safety rules that Andy repeats EVERY single lesson are the least favourite part for our guests. Everyone is waiting anxiously to finally SURF! But they are the MOST important part of every lesson. You need to be safe!

Apart from a rescue scare today that we experienced first hand, with Andy performing two rescues of swimmers back to back, the lesson went really well. The surfing conditions were ideal and everyone could train and actually succeed in their individual goals of the day: learning how to catch the wave or performing a turn!!! Well done!

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