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Paddling out in Crete

Surfer riding a wave in Crete

This morning Kissamos was on! Perfect glassy waves, completely empty surf spot, a true gem in the surfing world. Today we set up a surf lesson with surfers that had several surf lessons before: only for Angela and Gilbert it was the 2nd and 3rd time respectively. After theory and warm up, Andy made a dry run on the beach with our participants for the most important parts in surfing: paddling, looking over your shoulder for the oncoming wave, positioning on the board, arching the back, the pop up and the turn in full detail. We paddled out behind the breaking waves together and sat down on the boards. With Andy's help our participants caught their first couple of waves and then also succeeded on their own; with positioning in the line-up, choice of wave and momentum. Angela stayed further inside and trained her pop up. Gilbert and Julia took off on some really nice wave. All in all a good experience to be in the water today - fun and a positive group spirit. That's how we like it at Kalo Surf surf school in Crete. Shakalaka.

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