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White water surfing in Crete

surf and glide in the white water of Crete

Perfect conditions today for a beginner surf course in Crete. Powerful sets were breaking further out and rolling as white water to the shore. White water or very small green waves are the perfect way to start your surf journey. After we welcomed our group and geared everyone up, we settled in the shade for a theory to bring everyone to the same page: safety, board parts, first exercises and setting the goal of the day. On your very first surf day the goal is to figure out how the board glides as flat as possible on the wave, for the nose not to dive in the water, for the tail not to drag. What sounds easy in theory can be tricky in practice. No wonder for your very first time attempting to surf a moving element on a wobbly surfboard! After the first round of exercises our first time surfer learned how to pop up on the board, first on the beach and then in the water. Our more experienced surfers learned how to make a turn. Later on, they paddled out to the line up with Andy to catch some waves further out. We were stunned with the size and the power of the waves further out, as typically in Greece they look fully different from the shore. It was a good surfing day today with lots of fun and new experiences.

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